Welcome to Police Money Matters Retirement Seminars

If you are a Police Officer considering retirement, the chances are you were born in a period of greater prospects and prosperity. So what are your prospects now as you face retirement in a period of austerity and uncertainty? Surprisingly bright if our existing retired Police Clients are anything to go by!

As Police Retirement is our specialism, we at Police Money Matters (PMM) want to assist you with your journey into Retirement.

Today’s retiring Police Officers, as a group, are probably part of the most active and physically fit generation there has ever been. So please join us at one of the PMM Retirement Seminars where we take you on that journey from a long and active police career into a long and happy retirement without you having to change your lifestyle or take up three jobs.

In PMM language there is some significance around the number 30, when it comes to the Police Pension Scheme (PPS) 1987 and being able to maintain your lifestyle throughout Police Retirement. Read more to find out why.