At Police Money Matters, our primary focus is supporting the financial wellbeing of you and your colleagues in the Police Service. We have been supporting many UK Police Federations for over 20-years, with a reputation for delivery and service that is second to none.

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  • Having formed a new partnership with Police Money Matters, we are delighted with the value that they give to our members here in TVP. They have revamped our retirement course, offer excellent financial wellbeing presentations and have delivered one of the best seminars on the Pension remedy we have seen. They are always there for advice not just for us as the full time officials but more importantly for our members and respond to their requests in a timely manner. Being a financial company, we were concerned when PMM offered to run our retirement courses that it would just be a selling platform, but this couldn’t have been further from the truth, they deliver an excellent course, with tonnes of useful information and real life examples for our members.

    PMM are a forward thinking company and always looking to work with us to develop programmes, seminars, courses, meetings that benefit our members. Thames Valley Federation Branch have no hesitation in recommending PMM to other Federations.

    Craig O’Leary - Chair, Mark McIntyre - Secretary, Andy Fiddler – Treasurer
    Thames Valley Police Federation

  • Good input, could have listened for longer period. Very informative.

    Dundee November 2020

  • The presentation by PMM was excellent and, without doubt, the best input I have had. I have always struggled with the finer detail of pension contributions and the impact of the remedy on officers but the presentation was brilliantly put together so that it was clearly explained and easy to understand. I cannot recommend enough. Every officer impacted by the pension changes should see this!

    Sarah Cooper, Chair of the West Mercia Police Federation

  • I enjoyed the presentation and found it useful. I will probably make contact with you in the future once I have gathered all of my info together. Thank you.

    Dundee November 2020

  • The importance of officers considering their futures and thinking about financial planning cannot be underestimated especially in the current climate and with changes to public sector/police pensions. Dorset Police Federation have been recommending the PMM Retirement Seminars and Webinars to our officers for some time as they really help to understand options going into retirement. I recently attended the excellent Pension Remedy Webinar and have already recommended this to colleagues who are affected by the pension remedy, officers need to understand how this impacts on their future pension provision and this webinar helps immensely.

    Ian Roe, Secretary, Dorset Police Federation

  • Very good presentation.

    Jackton November 2020

  • West Midlands Police Federation have run retirement seminars to assist their members transition from the role of officer to civilian for many years now and switched to PMM as a provider in April 2015 as we wanted to freshen up our offering. Our seminars are always fully booked and the feedback we have received since 2015 as to the content and presentation style has been excellent and hopefully will continue for many years to come.

    Steve Grange, Branch Secretary, West Midlands Police Federation

  • Excellent presentations.

    Jackton November 2020

  • Devon & Cornwall Police Federation have been pleased to be associated with Police Money Matters for quite a number of years and time and time again I have personally received lots of really positive feedback from officers who really benefitted from attending seminars at our offices.

    I recently was able to take part in a Pension Remedy Webinar run by Police Money Matters. The content and the way it was delivered was excellent, explaining the complex changes is a very understandable way. This webinar is a must see for anyone who has or will be transitioning onto the 2015 Police Pension scheme.

    Andy Berry, Chair, Devon & Cornwall Police Federation

  • Thanks for your presentation this morning it was very informative and look forward to hearing from you in the future.

    SPRA Webinar February 2021

  • Excellent and thought provoking when considering or approaching retirement. Our members have found this well measured and helpful when making difficult choices about the future – Thank you. Brilliant introduction to the world of police pensions, demystifies the mysterious and confusing. Lovely engaging style of presentation and gives an elegant solution to what sometimes appears to be an inelegant and clumsy subject. Engaging and thought provoking. I am now far more confident in advising our members and making decisions about my own future. Well worth the time and would sit through this again. Can’t recommend enough, Thank you.

    Steve Thorpe, Chair, Gwent Police Federation

  • Good input!

    Edinburgh November 2020

  • Gloucestershire Police Federation have worked closely with Police Money Matters for many years and the services that they offer to officers approaching retirement is very well received by our members. The seminars/webinars are informative and relevant and are essential in giving our members upto date knowledge and information to allow them to make informed financial planning decisions as they approach the next chapter in their lives.

    Having subject matter experts on the police pension remedy is extremely helpful to me as a Branch Secretary and to those members that are subject to the pension remedy changes. PMM are able to fully explain the complex regulatory changes which will ensure that officers make the right decisions when approaching retirement.

    Ian White, Branch Secretary, Gloucestershire Police Federation

  • In order to assess the quality of the retirement presentation I attended the retirement webinar. I believe that every officer who is approaching retirement should attend this, even if they already have firm plans for the future. The presentation broke down the value of a police pension in bite size chunks. Even if you have no interest in investment there is much more to this presentation than how to make money grow.

    The pension seminar provides a qualified and independent explanation for those who are facing the upcoming transition in 2015 scheme. Our branch have already referred members who are asking questions about their pension that we are not qualified to answer, the feedback has been 100% positive. Those who attend will leave a much clearer picture on their individual working future leaving them able to plan with much more certainty.

    Pete Land, Secretary, Avon & Somerset Police Federation

  • I have found both the content and the way everything is explained extremely interesting and beneficial. In fact I would say it is essential for anyone approaching retirement. Please do not be put off by the online Webinars, I can assure anyone that there is no drop off in quality, information or interaction… couldn’t have been more impressed.

    Glyn Pattinson, Secretary, Staffordshire Police Federation

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