Our Team

We work in collaboration with St. James’s Place Partner Practices throughout the UK.

Please note that the Advisers below run their own Practices within
St. James’s Place and do not operate in a legal partnership with Police Money Matters.


James Taylor
Taylor Wealth Management Limited, Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management

James has been working in financial services since 1998, working with clients initially as a stockbroker providing investment advice, and soon moving onto providing more comprehensive advice. In 2008, he was invited to join St. James’s Place and has been working with Police Money Matters since 2012. He holds the Diploma in Financial Planning. James provides face-to-face personalised advice and believes that the ongoing relationship, comprising of regular reviews and communication, is essential to successful financial planning. James is based in Hertfordshire and covers the Met and all South Eastern forces.


Sally Burn-Jones
Burn Jones Wealth Management LLP, Partner Practice of St. James’s Place Wealth Management

Sally is a Chartered Financial Planner and specialises in retirement, inheritance, and long term care advice. She has 14 years experience and has been working with Police Money Matters since 2013. She looks after officers retiring from South West Forces. Sally looks to provide assistance to all family members and has specialist qualifications for assisting elderly parents of officers as well as planning for grandchildren’s futures.


Stuart Lindsay
Financial Adviser at Gilson Gray Financial Management LLP, Senior Partner Practice of St. James's Place Wealth Management

Stuart has been with St. James’s Place for 3 years having previously worked within Commercial & Corporate Banking for the 14 years prior. Since joining St. James’s Place, Stuart has dealt with a number of retired and retiring police officers and covers most areas of Scotland giving financial advice to Police Officers and their families. Dealing with Police Officers is an integral part of Stuart’s business and he enjoys presenting at the retirement seminars as well as following up with the officers individually.


Liam Baillie
Liam Baillie Wealth Management, Associate Partner Practice of
St. James’s Place Wealth Management

I have been delivering seminars and looking after retiring police officers for 5 years now. I firmly believe in building strong long term relationships with my retiring police officers and conducting regular reviews to take account of their changing circumstances. Having already achieved the Diploma in Financial Services I am currently working towards the Chartered Financial Planner status, one of the most prestigious accolades in the industry. Expert effective holistic financial wealth management advice can make the difference between a prosperous future and the disappointment of unrealised potential. Put another way, I am able to help clients change” life uncertainty” into “life control”. Big decisions are only difficult because of perceived complexity. We eliminate this complexity, providing you with clarity and the decision making becomes easy. I help my retiring officers make smart decisions about their money, having provided strategic advice and guidance to clients since 1998. I help create really effective holistic financial strategies through wealth management techniques that empower my clients to create and enjoy better futures.


Douglas Rowe
Douglas Rowe Financial Services, Partner Practice of
St. James’s Place Wealth Management

I have been working in financial services for over a decade; I started with the Co-Operative Insurance Society as a Home Service Insurance Agent. This is where I first encountered my passion for face-to-face customer service.

I am committed to ensuring that my industry knowledge remains relevant and current by placing strong emphasis on my personal development. This, along with the pride and dedication that I place on developing solid personal relationships with my clients, ensures that am I able offer a rounded, professional and principled service.

I am dedicated to bringing a personal, friendly and approachable service and building long-term relationships with clients. Outside of my business, I am a husband and a father with a young daughter taking up a considerable amount of my time. I enjoy sports and have recently taken up golf; mainly to ease the pain of my true passion Charlton Athletic.

Charity is also important to me and I regularly participate in events through the St. James's Charitable Place Foundation.


Mark Neillings
Associate Partner of St. James's Place Wealth Management

I started my career in financial services with CIS in 1999 and have extensive experience both as an adviser and a manager. During my many years in the industry, I have gained expertise in many areas of financial planning. I firmly believe in building strong long term relationships with my clients and having regular reviews to take account of their changing circumstances.

I am based in Edinburgh and have built up many connections and relationships with Police Officers and staff throughout the whole of Scotland. I provide a bespoke and tailored service to help with the transition from employment to retirement.


Nick Higginbottom
Higginbottom Wealth Management, Associate Partner Practice of
St. James’s Place Wealth Management

Nick has always had a passion for investing, wealth management and business which led to him to complete a degree in Business and Finance before pursuing a career as a financial adviser. He is now a Chartered Financial Planner and a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society. Nick works to create and implement financial plans to help clients achieve the future they want for themselves and their families. His knowledge and expertise allow him to implement and review bespoke financial plans for clients to help them meet their objectives in an ever-changing economic environment. His focus is on promoting the development of lifelong relationships with clients, helping them to secure their financial futures through the breadth of wealth management and financial planning services that he offers. Nick lives in Wiltshire with his wife Kelly, their two young children Hannah & Thomas and their cocker spaniel Bella. Nick enjoys the countryside, golf, tennis, travelling, the gym and playing squash for a local team in the Wiltshire squash leagues.


Roy Wood
Senior Partner of St. James’s Place Wealth Management

After university I joined Barclays Bank in Pall Mall London as a commercial lending manager.

After a very enjoyable decade with Barclays I joined the newly formed
St. James's Place at the beginning of 1997 & have developed a practice specialising in investment & estate planning.

I have been advising police officers over the last five years & have enjoyed delivering Police Money Matter seminars in Cumbria, Nottinghamshire, Lincolnshire, West Midlands, Warwickshire, Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire, Leicestershire, Norfolk & the Met.


Andrew Benning
Benning Financial Management, Associate Partner Practice of
St. James's Place Wealth Management

I provide financial advice to Police Officers of Northern Ireland and I have worked with Police Money Matters for over 11 years. My objective is to ensure each client I see receives suitable financial advice so that they can achieve their financial objectives. Based in Belfast I aim to develop a professional relationship with each client I see and manage their financial wellbeing up to state pension age and beyond.

I get great satisfaction out of seeing Clients enjoying their retirement. Assisting Police Officers with the transition of retirement and then providing a strategy that allows them to meet their retirement objectives is very fulfilling.

I specialise in pension, investment and tax planning and I have an excellent understanding of the Police Pension Schemes. I deliver seminars in Northern Ireland covering a wide range of topics and provide 1 to 1 appointments to discuss personal financial matters.


The PMM liaison team comprises seven former Police Federation Officials from right across the UK, who work alongside the PMM teams. Whilst these individuals are not employees of either Police Money Matters or St. James's Place Wealth Management, they provide valuable support to the PMM teams.


Tony Laud

Joined Cambridgeshire in 1980 and worked as a patrol officer in various parts of the Force. I became the JBB Secretary in 1995 and remained in that role until retirement in July 2012. I was then employed by Cambridgeshire Police Federation as Pensions Adviser to represent both serving and retired officers. I provided general advice on pension issues but also represented pensioners involved in reviews of their pensions. This came to an end in June 2015 when the new pension scheme had commenced and Cambridgeshire decided to discontinue most injury award reviews. Still involved with Police Pension issues as the NARPO representative on the Pension Board for Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Hertfordshire. Currently covering Norfolk, Cambs, Lincolnshire, Notts, Leicestershire, West Mercia and South Yorkshire.


Deborah Williams

Deborah was born in Wolverhampton and joined West Midlands police as a cadet in 1983. She retired from the force in 2015 having been a full time Fed Rep for the last 5 years of her police service, supporting officers in a number of areas including retirement in particularly ill health retirement and injury awards. Debbie has worked with PMM since April 2015 assisting with retirement seminars in the Midlands.


Alan Jones

Alan retired from the South Yorkshire force in March 2013 after a 38 year career. He spent over 20 years as a local, regional and national Police Federation representative. He acquired a wealth of skills and knowledge from his various and extensive Federation roles which along with a strong appreciation of retirement and general pension issues creates a helpful mix of inputs to those about to leave policing and take on new challenges. Even if that challenge is simply to enjoy the rewards of retirement!

Alan is an active member of NARPO and is currently a branch secretary which keeps him in touch with many retired colleagues. He also sits on the South Yorkshire Police pensions board representing South Yorkshire NARPO members.


Les Gray
UK Coordinator

Les Gray is the former Chairman of the Scottish Police Federation representing over 17,000 police officers within Scotland and negotiating on their behalf with the Scottish Government and UK Government.

He was a police officer for over 32 years retiring at the rank of Chief Inspector.

Les spent much of his career looking after his colleagues and now oversees Police Money Matters on a UK level making sure our clients in the various UK Police Federations are looked after.

Les is based in East Kilbride near Glasgow but travels on a regular basis to ensure that PMM continues to deliver and meet our client’s high expectations.

Working in conjunction with Norrie Flowers they have designed and implemented the very successful one-day Pre-Retirement Courses in Scotland which cater for the needs of their former colleagues in Police Scotland.

He also oversees our Scottish Police Recreation Association / Police Money Matters financial seminars.


Perry Oliver

Perry served exactly 30 years in the Met Police retiring as an Inspector in November 2012. Having served as a Constable, Sergeant and Inspector on J, K & H Districts he transferred to the Territorial Support Group (TSG) in 1999 & effectively stayed on their ‘books’ until he retired. However he spent the last five years of his career seconded to the Inspectors Branch Board of the Met Federation firstly as Deputy General Secretary and subsequently as General Secretary from 2011 until his retirement.


John Giblin

John served 32 years as a police officer, having joined the service in July 1982 and retiring in June 2014. He served the first 5 years in Greater Manchester Police, in uniform and CID, before transferring to the Gwent Constabulary and the country of his birth. He was promoted to Sergeant in 1989, serving in various operational capacities within the force and Home Office District Police Training Centres. The last 12 years of his service were spent on the Police Federation of England and Wales National Joint Central Committee. He held various secretarial and chairman roles on a number of sub-committees during that time and was for the last 6 years chairman of the Sergeant's Central Committee of England and Wales.